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Accommodation Rules
Dear guests! We welcome you at our hotel! Please read carefully the Rules of Residence!

Accommodation Rules

Dear guests! We welcome you at our hotel! Please read carefully the Rules of Residence!

1. General TERMS

1.1. These rules are developed on the basis of the current legislation of Ukraine and the requirements of the Union of International Hotel Association.

1.2. The hotel administration guarantees guests to comply with all privacy policies.

1.3. The hotel administration has the right to impose a fine on the guests in case of norms violation against fire safety, disobedience to the administration legitimate requirements, non-compliance with these Accommodation Rules.

1.4. Guests may leave comments and suggestions on the hotel work in the Book of Complaints and Proposals.


2.1. The hotel works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Arrival time: after 2 p.m.
Check-out time: until 12 a.m.
Calculation time: 12 a.m.

2.2. At check-out time 12 a.m.- 6 p.m. you must pay extra 50% of the cost of one day staying.

At check-out after 6 p.m. you must pay extra the full cost of one day staying

      2.3. Early check-in and late check-out can be given in case of room availability.

2.4. Breakfasts at our hotel are served from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. (in the winter); the cafe is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. (according to the menu the cuisine takes the last order up to 10.30 p.m.).

It is forbidden to bring your own food and alcohol to the cafe!

2.5. Accommodation for children younger than 6 years old with adults (no extra bed needed in a room) is not charged.

2.6. Upon arrival, a Guest provides an identity document (passport, driving license, military ticket, foreign passport), fills in the registration card and pays the full cost of staying at the hotel. Upon arrival at the hotel, the Guest makes also an insurance deposit in case of damaging the hotel property in the amount of 1,000 UAN, which is returned to the Guest at check-out in full if there’s no damage done to the hotel. Staying in the room without payment is not allowed.

2.7. Upon arrival, the Guest should be aware that in case of damage, mistreatment or destruction of any property in the room (breaking glasses, lamps, glass, furniture damage, hair dryer, TV set, remote controls, curtains, burning sofas, carpets, towels soiling to a condition when it is impossible to clean them), the Guest must compensate the damages in full value of the spoiled property.

2.8. At check-in, you should ask the administration where at hotel parking your car place is.

2.9. Note please that our hotel is an eco-house (log house) and its advantages are that it is warm, completely built from wood and environmentally friendly materials, minus is noise insulation. Therefore, we kindly ask you to respect the guests who live in the adjoining rooms. During the period from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., please decrease the volume of the TV set, avoid loud conversations and laughter in the rooms.

2.10. Your guests can visit you every day from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. For visiting they need to register at the hotel administration.

2.11. Please follow the fire safety rules: the hotel is fully built of wood. In case of a fire alarm you must stay calm and leave the building, guided by the evacuation plan.

2.12. Leaving the room do not forget to close the water intake cranes and get the key card from the power saver.

2.13. Please leave all valuable things and documents in your room safes.

2.14. Please take care of the hotel property and equipment. The guest room is checked at check-out. In case of damage, property or equipment theft, it is necessary to compensate it in full according to the price provided by the administration.

2.15. Please inform the hotel administration in case of defects in equipment, electricity, heat and water supply failures.

2.16. It is not allowed to bring ski equipment, sledges, bikes to the cafe, hotel, rooms and cottages, there is a specially equipped ski room. It’s prohibited also to go in skiing shoes to any premises located on the territory of the hotel complex, except the ski room.

2.17. Please keep your room and the hotel territory clean.

2.18. Cleaning is carried out daily or for the Guest request (hang on the door the pointer "Please clean", "Please do not disturb").

2.19. At check-out day:

The room key should be given to the receptionist at reception; in case of room key loss, it should be compensated in the amount of 100 UAH;
The key-card for keeping ski equipment should be given to the receptionist;
A card for getting a pool towel or a pool towel should be returned to the reception also; in case of card or pool towel loss, compensation should be paid in the amount of 300 UAH.

2.20. On the territory of the hotel complex there is a video surveillance, except toilets and the guests rooms.





Whiteberry Hotel takes care of the comfortable staying guests with their pets. At the same time staying shouldn’t cause trouble and discomfort to other guests. For this purpose rules for staying with pets have been created on the hotel territory.

Accommodation with big animals is possible only with staying in a cottage, accommodation with cats and dogs of smaller breeds is allowed in the hotel rooms.

3.1. In the hotel it is allowed to stay with animals - dogs, cats, snails, not allowed to stay with creeping animals, rodents, insects. The hotel has the right to decide whether a pet can stay in a room or cottage. Extra charge for an animal is 150 UAH for one day staying in the hotel.


3.2. Booking and staying in the hotel with pets, the Guest must read these Rules and put a signature in the registration card confirming agreement.


3.3. Guests who come on holiday to the hotel with pets must have a certificate from a veterinarian with a note of the pet vaccinations.


3.4. According to the legislative and regulatory documents of Ukraine, walking medium and big sized dogs is allowed only in muzzles.


3.5. Walking pets is strictly forbidden on the hotel grounds or on the lawns. If the animal goes accidentally to the toilet on the territory, the Guest must pick up its excrement in a special package and throw it in the trash.


3.6. The animal can walk only in specially designed places.


3.7. Guests who come on vacation to the hotel with pets are obliged not to allow their pets to mark the greenery on the hotel area as well as furniture, curtains, walls in the hotel.


3.8. One can feed pets only from utensils designated for feeding animals. Feeding animals from utensils belonging to the hotel and intended for the guests’ usage is strictly prohibited.


3.9. It is not allowed to leave pets unattended in the hotel room or on the hotel territory.


3.10. The Guest can take pets to the restaurant, sauna, playground and other common areas only with the agreement of the hotel.


3.11. It is forbidden to wash pets in the room showers, use towels, sheets and other bedding, which are designated for the use of guests and belonging to the hotel.


3.12. It is forbidden to comb pets in the hotel room and in the corridors of the building.


3.13. The Guest is obliged to ensure the pet absence while cleaning by housekeepers or repair works in the room.


3.14. The hotel has the right to terminate the agreement with guests staying with animals:

- in case of rules violation for living with animals

- in case of aggressive, inappropriate, noisy behavior of a pet.


3.15. Staying in a hotel with a pet, in case of damage the Guest is obliged to pay for material damage to the hotel in full according to the established price list.


4.1. Guests stop staying at the end of paid period.

4.2. If the Guest violates the Accommodation Rules repeatedly, does not react to the comments of the hotel administration causing damage or inconvenience to the other guests, the hotel administration has the right to refuse to settle or to stop staying this guest (to evict).

4.3. Accommodation is denied to the Guests who are in alcohol or narcotic intoxication.


5.1. To smoke cigarettes and hookahs in rooms, halls and premises of the hotel.

5.2. To keep animals, birds, reptiles etc in the room without agreement of the hotel.

5.3. To leave strangers in the room and also give them the room key.

5.4. To bring materials and items to the hotel and keep in the room that are hazardous to the life and health of others (flammable things, explosive, toxic, chemical and radioactive substances, weapons).

5.5. To use adapters and extenders in the room, shoes drying, electric appliances (iron, boilers, electric cookers, multicookers) except devices permitted by the hotel administration.

5.6. To move and take the furniture off the room without the hotel agreement.

5.7. To show aggression or actions which are dangerous to the health safety or property of others.

5.8. To damage the hotel property.

5.9. To accommodate guests after 11 p.m. without paying and registering their stay at the hotel.

5.10. To leave children without adults’ attention and let them be on the street and stairwells.

5.11. To solve the problems by oneself arosed during the usage of the electrical system, electrical equipment, water supply, sewerage, plumbing and other objects that make up the hotel equipment.

5.12. To dry mushrooms, berries, fruits in the room.

5.13. To disconnect fire alarm sensors.

5.14. To push a fire alerting button with no need. A fine of 15 000 UAH is provided for a fake call to the fire service.

5.15. To throw garbage from the room windows.

5.16. To use pyrotechnic equipment, bengal lights, candles in rooms and on the hotel territory without agreement with the administration.


6.1. Booking services on the website are provided on-line, by e-mail, by phone.

6.2. Making a reservation through the website the Guest enters into direct contractual relations with the hotel. From the moment of reservation, the hotel sends an electronic confirmation with prepayment details to the Guest.

6.3. ​​To confirm the reservation, the Guest must make a prepayment of not less than 50% of the living total cost.

6.4. In order to book group accommodation (more than 10 people) you must send an application in any form to the e-mail whiteberry.bukovel@gmail.com.

6.5. Cancellation terms at the hotel:

The guest can cancel a room without penalties 30 days before the arrival date (in this case, the prepayment is returned to the Guest in full), upon canceling the reservation in less than 30 days before the check-in date, the prepayment is returned to the Guest in full only in case of booking the given room for these dates by another Guest.
In case of reservation cancellation by the Guest during the stay (advanced check-out), the Hotel refunds to the Guest 50% of the accommodation cost for unused days booked.

6.6. Payment for accommodation and additional services shall be made by cash or by cashless calculation in accordance with the hotel price list.

6.7. Payment for accommodation is carried out upon settlement.

6.8. At check-in the Guest makes an insurance deposit in case of damage to the hotel property in the amount of 1,000 UAH, which is returned to the Guest in full at check-out if there’s no damaging done to the hotel.

6.9. Early arrival (before 2 p.m.) or late check-out (after 12 a.m.) is provided to the Guest only with the room availability and no application for similar dates, and is paid in accordance with the hotel price list (50% of the room rate per day).

6.10. In case of violation of the Accommodation Rules established at the hotel, the administration has the right to refuse the Guest to further staying.


For more information please contact the hotel administration by phone:

+38 (063) 938 20 25, +38 (098) 043 26 10, +38 (097) 810 51 05

With regards,
Whiteberry hotel administration


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